Monday, September 30, 2002

busy busy busy. i know that's my same old excuse, but until you want to pay me a handsome salary for doing this here blog, it is one you will have to graciously accept and deal with and integrate into your mind regardless of the societal ramifications. capiche?

dang it's like they expect me to WORK at this gig. shite.

well Cal lost. but the Raiders won. no they did not just win they TROUNCED. good stuff. for one day only, i am the world's biggest Baltimore Ravens fan, who i am hoping will spank some bronco ass tonite.

um what else? saw the Tuxedo on Friday. it was um well, ok. action and goofiness and jackie chan. j. l. hewitt was kind of annoying and dorky but well, what can you do. enjoyable flick, nonetheless. we were going to see Barbershop, but theater technical difficulties prevented that.

i am MAD sunburned. as in red painful skin coloring. but i'm pulling through like a trooper. ask mrs. p, i'm not whining TOO bad, right babe? (ok I'm whining pretty bad, but well cut me a break). You'd think I'd have learned that i can't lay in the sun without getting majorly singed. but i got one thick head. well well.

ok that is about IT for now. tune in later, mis amigos.