Monday, September 23, 2002

da internet is running so slow cuz, it's makin me all buckaloose. I mean fa real kine I'm gonna break yo face. Ok I'll stop trying to talk pidgen now, cuz I just don’t know how. Pidgen, for those not in the know, is the local style english dialect that emerged when lots of different races were coming to hawaii to work on the sugar plantations. They'd simplify and shorten certain english phrases to make it easier to understand, throw in some new words and made up slang, and through the years, it became the local kine speak that you hear all over the islands, brudda.

Well this is the first time in the history of ultrablognetic that I have to come in on a Monday morning with the foul taste of defeat in my mouth. There was absolutely no positive aspects to the weekend in football. Cal lost on a deflected last second pass attempt on a two point conversion at home against air force. The raiders didn't play, so no worries, but when the raiders don't play, my sole nfl amusement comes from hoping for a broncos defeat. This was not to be as they squeaked by the buffalo bills like the little bitches they are. The afc west is lookin like a real bitch with three teams, denver, san diego, and oakland undefeated. But you know what? That's ok. The raiders like the odds. Cuz I am now guaranteeing a raider victory against the shitnik denver pooncos. Whut will I do if the raiders lose you ask? Basically bitch and moan and talk more shit about the next game, but well, it makes me feel better, so that's all that matters, right? Well, maybe not, but well, maybe so.

The only other thing of note I have to say is that I saw some eskimo movie called the fast runner this weekend, which was an extremely good flick, but made me feel really cold in that air conditioned movie theater with my tank top on watching a bunch of people running around in the snow. I mean, why didn't those eskimos just leave that fukn ice bucket? Damn I would have. I would have been like, mom, dad, I know that we've been living on this fukn piece of ice for 500 years and shit, but I'm fukn cold, and well, later. Plus I'm tired of goddamn seal and walrus sandwiches for EVERY fukn meal. I mean there ain't even McDonalds here. Plus there's like evil spirits and our igloo is just so early 80's in décor and style, and shit dad, you haven't taken a bath in at least 3 moons. One cool thing was they had those trippy sunglasses that are just a piece of like walrus tusk or something with 2 little slits in them. Now those are neuvo trendy. Ya know like the ones that Captain Cold from the Legion of Doom wore. I mean if he was able to get out of the glacier, there's hope for everyone right? Right?