Friday, September 06, 2002

Dark part 4 - prelude & parts 1 2 3

He couldn't sleep for shit. Rion Dark just laid in bed, staring at the ceiling fan spin, and spin, and spin. Who's toes had they stepped on? They hadn't gone maverick in the operation at all, strictly by the book. They'd leaned on the guy until he talked. Same as always.

Robbie Chan. That was where he had to start. He certainly couldn't go back to LA. San Francisco would probably be pretty hot too, so that was out. All he could really do right now was chill and think, which was both comforting and frustrating as hell. There were people out there, moving against him at that minute, he could feel it. Tracking him down like a dog. The frustrating thing about assassins was that they kept after you, sometimes the heat never blew over. Ten years later he could get a bullet in the head as he was shaking the piss off his dick in a public urinal, all over some stupid asshole named Robbie Chan.

Robbie Chan. Even if he was stuck in Montana didn't mean he couldn't do a little research. There was something about this guy, obviously. Maybe a little visit to the library would be in order tomorrow. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been to one. It would do him good to explore his intellectual side.

Dark kept staring at the ceiling fan for about another forty minutes, then finally, mercifully, drifted off to sleep. His sleep was sound, undisturbed, and without dreams of any kind.