Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Dutifully jacked from SeanBaby, may I present to you:

You gotta love that these kids moms won't let them out for fear of the disco roller skate gang (who apparently are doing nothing but skate and sing), but as far as a giant green monster tearing up the street and rolling people in concrete, hey that's no problem, go grab those hostess treats kids. I mean maybe call in the fashion police, but the incredible hulk? hmmm. I smell a conspiracy.

I used to love these things. They were in the back of all the comic books in the late 70's. All the major superhero's were kicking ass and taking names in the defense of hostess twinkies, cupcakes, and fruit pies. I remember I used to xerox them on my grandfather's copy machine and catalog them all, and read them over and over again. It made me want hostess treats in a major way. My dad used to always say that in the event of nuclear war, the only things left would be the cockroaches and twinkies. Check out SeanBaby's hostess page. You can read all these little adventures and relive the magic. Check out the SeanBaby commentary on some of them, which are fukn hilarious as hell. Have fun kids! I'll be back later.