Monday, September 09, 2002

Good morning all in the blogosphere and affiliated internet freaks. Well Oceanic Cable/Time Warner telecom/AOL DSL service is running slow as FUK this morning which explains my delayed opportunity to present you with these oh-so-inspirational words. I'm currently typing this up in microsoft word for later transposal to blogger for eventual posting onto the wonderful web page you're currently perusing.

Why do you care about this? Obviously you don't, but seeing as I am neither being paid monetarily nor via the barter system for this service you can't ask for a fukn refund now can you? The reason I'm telling you this actually is that it mildly annoys me writing my entries in word, as I've gotten in the habit of typing in all lowercase and bill (fuckhead) gates in his infinite wisdom decided that I am not intelligent enough to know when I want to capitalize, so it automatically does it.

Not that Iā€™m bitter or anything. I mean really, I should be cheery and happy. Both the RAIDERS and the CAL BEARS won this weekend, which is about as common as a flock of geese flying out of my rectum. The RAIDERS look poised to do some serious stompage this season, which is gratifying and pleasing to me, which means that those around me can have less fear of my vengeful wrath, which is good for both the real world and bloggerville.

Now if deuschole time warner could connect those two worlds in a timely fuckin fashion maybe I could tell you about it more effectively. Ah but they are fukn idiots and it's a Monday morning, so what the hell can you do.

Tony pierce had some very wise and sage words to say this morning regarding this whole week of remembrance thing that the media seems to want to drag us through concerning september 11. I agree wholeheartedly with tony on this one. Do we really have to go over this again? Was this not the single most covered story this year? I know it's a terrible tragedy, but it is over, let's move on, let's not rape and pillage the psyche of the american public just because it's the same date on the calendar. We are healing, we are rebuilding, we are recovering. Let us. We don't need a time-life special, we don't need interviews with all the widows. Leave them be. Let them continue their healing and recovery in a private and dignified manner. If people want to congregate and come together for healing in their communities, fine, just don't make a fukn media circus out of it just to pump up your ratings and sell fukn advertising. Every celebrity, every pundit, every fukn person with a forum of any kind be it their fukn lemonade stand has said their piece regarding this. Let it rest.

Ok enough of that. Lucky I only have about three readers so my hate mail shouldn't be too severe.