Thursday, September 19, 2002

hidey ho everyone. well I really should get some work done, so just a little hello hello and i'll be out the door, out of bloggerville, but don't cry, i'll be back. I mean, i have a life, really, there are so many skunks to process up in here today, and we made a super-secret discovery, that if they even knew i was hinting at in the innernet, well, i would be sacked immediately.

but fuk it. we found (looking around, scanning for corporate insiders) a snake skunk. that's right. half skunk, half snake. it stinks and has fangs, highly poisonous and smelly. smooth and scaly and furry and soft. it can slither up and spray smelly crap right at you in a flash. the only place they've ever been seen is in the high country of peru, usually hiding out in mountain streams and secluded puddles, but one was confiscated at the honolulu airport last night, and now it's mine, all mine. ah. sometimes i really do love this job.

what am i going to do with it you ask? um, well. that, I cannot tell you i'm afraid. I mean, if you know the procedures, where's my fukn job security?