Tuesday, September 24, 2002

i'm a busy busy beaver and a hungry hungry hippo, as well as kind of total pile of donkey shit, so i'm gonna keep this short and sweet. or long and sour. do you sense a certain amount of uncertainty? or is that just the incense burning in my garage? i've been kind of wondering the last few days whut i'm really doing on this here blog. there just isn't any direction, any purpose, any overdefining governance or priority or mission statement. i don't really get into politics, not that i'm against the idea. does the fact that i'm not that interested preclude me from being interesting? now that's something to talk about. but not really.

i mean, you people that come here, what do you come for? to laugh? to cry? for my all knowing and philosophical approach to the processing and condensation of goats milk in modern day denmark? i mean, i never, almost ever, know whut i'm going to write in this space prior to my fingers hitting the keyboard. this blog is done in my spare moments between skunk dissections, and i try to get myself primed up to discuss some important issue or topic but i usually just end up babbling like a fukn gibbon on methamphetamines. it's hard, ya know, to clear my brain tubes whut with all the screaming coming from the lab.

aarrggghh. i just can't muster the energy today. i'm tired. my coffee is cold. my eyes are droopy. my candle is froopy. my name is jaloopy and i chill at camp snoopy. how fukn stupid was that? lame rhymes and not so good times. corkscrew chimes with a stack of dimes. basketball bluejeans with a neal diamond twist and a panache of pizza hut elephant tusk.

why? why not. and now, if you'll excuse me, i have to go check on my experiments.