Monday, September 30, 2002

Just got back from lunch and was listening to the eloquent Tom Leykis. For those not in the know, Mr. Leykis is a radio host in LA who is most famous for his on-line class known as Leykis 101, in which he educates men on how to get laid. Yes, you heard me, how to get LAID. For as little money as possible. He is NOT an expert on relationships (4 failed marriages), but he IS a self-proclaimed professor of poon. Basically he sticks up for the guys in this world that get walked all over by selfish, greedy, women. One of his key pieces of advice is to find your inner a-hole, because that's what women are attracted to.

Anyway, I don't want to play myself off as some cracked out Ann Landers, so I won't go too far into the woods, but my brain got shifted further in this direction when I made my daily (ok, two or three times daily) surf over to the blog of the informative and fascinating Meesh, and well what do you know? Her friend, the mysterious "S" has come up with some very handy info for the females in the eternal struggle known as the game: how to score a sugar daddy.

Fascinating stuff. Now if this is not the yang to the yin that is Tom Leykis, it just doesn't exist. Leykis is the guru for the guys on getting sex with no money, and miss "S" appears to be the last word for the ladies on getting money with no sex. I sense a love connection, where the hell is Chuck Woolery?

What's my point? No point, I just find it interesting. Haven't you learned that this blog ain't about making points? I'm like a fly on the wall that accidentally landed in a vat of LSD, somehow escaped, and is just enjoying the colors. It's a skewed view with no ifs ands or buts, careless comments with total lack of analysis. Or so it appears.

Because before you know it, I've got you thinking, and then BAM you're hooked, on the ultrablognetication, for which there is no known cure except for daily reading. Bonus points for digging through the archives and e-mailing me a book report.