Monday, September 16, 2002

ok busy as hell monday morning here at the skunkworks so i'll keep this short and sweet.

first off the cal bears kicked some major big ten ass at michigan state university on saturday. it was their first time beating a team in the top 15 since 1974, so naturally i soiled myself in a fit of joy.

oh yeah and the raiders laid a spanking on the steelers, gannon the cannon breaking all kinds of raider passing records. good times.

i'd like to thank the hosemonster for noticing the cal victory and giving me a shout out. Check out his hard-hitting exposes on urinals, as well.

i've said it before, but i'm saying it again, read tony pierce. the last couple weeks he has been en fuego as they say, and the busblog has been a regular example of "event blogging" in my mind. keep up the amazing work mr. pierce.

and finally - congrats to my buddy sok-joo and his new bride who were wed in the la area this weekend. bummingly, i wasn't able to make it out from the islands, but i'd like to wish them all the best and brightest and all that good stuff.