Friday, September 06, 2002

ok a few notes from the sports desk this morning. hawaii goes up against byu today at 1 PM hawaii time in provo, utah. good luck warriors, you're gonna need it, cuz byu is pissed after you beat their asses last year.

also, dug up some stuff on the new mexico state aggies. their mascot is the little guy pictured, pistol pete. apparently based on a real life gunfighter from the old west. whatever. fuck him and fuck them. i mean the whole cowboy thing is so played out, move on already. apparently they've got a pretty good running game, almost beat south carolina last weekend, but ya know what? cal will stomp. won't be as easy as baylor, though.

this is the first meeting ever between the two teams, and it will take place in the ultimate football atmosphere of strawberry canyon, berkeley, with the cannon sounding every five minutes as cal bludgeons some aggie ass. this saturday - be there or be square. i guess i'll be square, stuck out here on an island while my bears go to battle, but the spirit of berkeley joe will be present in the minds and hearts of all in attendance, and you know this.

interesting little side note: one of the assistant coaches for nmsu was a player for cal and was on the field for THE PLAY in 1982. the play, if you don't know, was the greatest football play of all time, and involved cal running back a kickoff against stanfurd and lateralling the ball all over the place and finally bashing some trombone player's head in that had dared step on the golden bear field while the game was still going, punk ass. look it up.

more later true believers.