Thursday, September 05, 2002

so the hosemonster is saying how he has bloggers block. i don't really get bloggers block, well sometimes, but then i just keep typing and whatever comes out i go on with my day and think, well kool keith you blogged today and that is building of the blogosphere, crucial for the continued growth of bloggerville.

so that's my theory on the whole blogging thing. one man's opinion. one man's belief. one man's desire to understand the world around him.

so anyway, i was in waipahu earlier today, because there was a skunkswork convention. we represent the windward side. the leeward coast was in attendance as well as the two town divisions and north shore rang in saying waddup but not shaka, but they showed shaka. so anyway, i'm drifting.

i don't know if i've ever really explained what we do here at the skunkworks. and i'm not sure i ever will, you see, if certain people within the ciy & county government of honolulu hale ever found out about this here blog, i would be tried and likely convicted of linking crucial information to the media. so, i've probably said too much already, but it involves skunks, and large vats of, dammitt shut up berkeley joe, we can't give away the store.

so anyway, back to what i was saying, the skunkworks convention. i was staring at this statue of akebono the hawaiian sumo star, his hometown is waimanalo, and his mom has a sumo store in the little shopping center we're chilling out at. akebono stands there, still as a stone, in his ready pose, about to take down some chump from kandalaski iowa and show em whut nalo guns do in the land of the rising sun. so i'm eating a rack of lamb sandwich, and the statue like starts to talk to me! it's like "ho bra, pass me one piece chicken katsu." akebono is a big time harley rider, and he ate it last year cruising around downtown, but he's ok. so don't worry. he's retired now but he was basically one of the biggest badasses in japanese sumo.

i mean really, this blogging thing, am i just farting in the wind, spitting out flakes of verbalism, disregarding writing practices established from the time the first thesaurus hit the pavement on 177 boggone way? am i just foaming at the mouth, putting in my 20 cents, adding a sparkle a twitch of backbone and whimsy to the innernet public or am i just brain dropping central? thanks george carlin you showed me that sometimes you CAN just say a long list of dirty words and it's hilarious. i mean, sometimes, you can just bizabble and it'll ride the creek train down to the elementary school of medium paced knocks.

bumpin iron maiden number of the beast. one of the best metal records of all time in my obviously flatulated opinion, up here on my perch, in a lurch, disgracing the scene with a gangsta lean, left post of the firstmost born in a january morn.

iron maiden rules. and so does randy rhoads. and so does lucky charms cereal.

fa real.