Monday, September 16, 2002

There just ain't that much good stuff on tv these days. sometimes i wish it was the 60's again, for those two glorious first seasons of batman. twice a week you'd thrill and chill to the latest episodes of the caped crusader and the boy wonder, foiling the evil plots of gotham's most heinous criminals. the third season, where they jumped the shark before fonzie even thought about it by adding batgirl and cutting to once a week, doomed the show. the fourth season, which was brokered but cancelled because the set had already been demolished, probably would have sucked pretty hard, but still had historical value in the artistic sense.

but at its time, not that i was alive or anything, it was the shit. big name stars clamored for a chance to have a guest-spot. even if it was just to lean your head out a window and talk to the dynamic duo while they're climbing up the wall of a building. the biggest stars of the day, check it out, do the research if you will, i'm too busy and lazy.

even liberace was a featured villain, playing himself and his evil twin, before fukn david hasselhoff even put on his first leather ensemble and talked to his car. in fact, batman even talked to his car first really, i mean, he talked to his batcomputer at least. otto preminger played mr. freeze just because his daughter wanted him to, she was unimpressed by all his fancy movies and shit, and everyone on the set hated him, supposedly he was a total prick.

and cesar romero as the joker, frank gorshin as the riddler, that old guy from rocky as the penguin, and the three different catwomen, what was not to like, america?

why don't they recast adam west as a retired batman? put burt ward in there too, anyone who's still alive. it would rake in the cash. am i wrong? bruce wayne retired and old, but still throwing on the suit every once in a while for kicks, carrying ben-gay in his utility belt, getting his ass kicked by gang bangers, i mean major laughs, guarans.

hasta luego.