Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Tidbits and nuggets from a Tuesday morning...

My buddy Aquaman is trying to determine if he should cave into his twin brother's urge to relive jr. high school glory and go see Rush live in concert at the Staples Center in LA. (See the Shout Outs on the post below). Hmmm. Rush WAS very very good, back in the day. I haven't actually listened to a Rush album since Counterparts, which was ahem, aiight, (it kinda sucked). I was never THAT into Rush, but I've heard they're incredible live. On the other hand, I've never heard firsthand accounts from a Rush concert since the Presto album, which some say was their last solid effort, although I liked Roll the Bones kind of, too. But shit, Aquaman, if it makes your bro a happy camper I say go for it. The only pitfall is if they follow what seems to be a trend, and what I heard the Chili Peppers did their last show here in Honolulu, and strictly play all their new crap and disregard the incredible catalog of timeless classics. That, young lord of the sea, is the conundrum you face. If anybody has any info on Rush shows in the last ten years, please advise via the handy dandy shout out link so conveniently placed below each entry.

OK on to other business. I googled the other day looking for other Hawaii bloggers, and I found this guy. I devoured basically his whole blog (at least what was on the page currently) over the following half hour. Check it out, but be sure to close the little window that will pop up if you're at work and don't want to get busted by the music playing. It's basically the life of a true typical oahu local boy, not the raving blather of a southern california transplant, which is what I am. He's also got a really cool photo page, with some really nice shots. So I contacted him and he was kind enough to e-mail me with a few links: this is a list of other hawaii bloggers and this is a team blog by a bunch of local kine folks. So check it out and support us island bloggers, dagnabbit!

Let's see what else is going on? Oh yeah, Mrs. P and I went to go check out One-Hour Photo on Friday. Good movie. Robin Williams is fukn disturbing and plays the psycho stalker weirdo just right for my taste. Also, the movie just LOOKS good if you know what I mean. The director and cinematographer really went to town. OK now everyone else can tell me that they saw it and my taste in movies sucks and goddammit I'm SO plebeian and ordinary and etcetera. I told you I suck at reviewing movies so whatever.

But really, go see it, don't believe all the high-brow intellectuals that only enjoy one movie out of a thousand a year, and it's the silent portuguese remake of A Man for all Seasons or some shit like that. Trust me on that one. or don't, whatever.

All righty then, that's it for now. Oh yeah - I've had it posted on my links list to the left for some time, but if you haven't checked it out yet, go read achewood, which is an online comic strip that fukn rules harder than the Rulons. Jim Treacher turned me on to it, and it is frikn hilarious in so not the typical lame comic strip sense. I mean any comic book with a takling dog wearing a g-string has got to be cool.