Wednesday, September 25, 2002

well hello there blogland. as you can plainly see unless it's been fixed in the meantime, my shout outs are not working today. which bummed me out, because a few people had said some really nice things in response to my little whiny "why am i blogging" entry from yesterday, and i was curious, in my ego stroking fashion, to check if anyone else had thrown in their 2 cents. in fact, the hosemonster even blogged about me yesterday, which had me grinning from ear to ear like the joker, except i wasn't killing anyone and cackling like a demonic rooster. do roosters cackle? i wanted to say hyena, but i think i've been using that word too much lately. anyway, back to hosemonster. he mentions how we kicked down the doors of bloggerville at roughly the same time with our one-two punch of high powered verbosity. that is the straight up truth. i see us like heckle and jeckle, except if one was a dog and one was a cat, but they didn't chase each other, but instead helped each other build a tree house and threw rotten eggs at all the squirrels. yeah that's it. that's exactly it.

ok. on to new business. what the fuck is jesse jackson smoking, snorting, and/or dilating his pupils with? whatever it is, it's highly toxic and hallucinogenic. this fukn guy, i swear, he doesn't even surprise me anymore. anyone hypocritical enough to offer sage words of moral advice to the president in his time of indiscretion and then head over to diddle his mistress and pat his bastard child on the head on the way out the door deserves my asshole of the week award. and if i don't award one next week, just assume he's the honorable recipient then as well.

what the fuck? is this guy the fukn definition of player-hater or am i just on the good ship lollypop? Barbershop is the number ONE movie in the country, the first time i can remember, and i'm more than open to correction, that a film with predominantly black characters and based on black culture has held such a spot. and whut does jesse do? bitch about it, find a flaw. now just to clarify, i haven't even seen the thing yet, but that doesn't affect the argument i'm going to put forth. so bear with me.

according to jesse, this movie is an insult to the black race and to freedom fighters everywhere because of certain jokes made about martin luther king jr. and other important figures. yes jesse, we know you marched with MLK Jr. Yes, he was a great man, a pinnacle of society that forwarded the ideas of equality, liberty, and sitting in the front of the bus. no argument there. and you're more than free to voice your displeasure. but to say that you feel the creators should CHANGE the movie for the dvd and video versions, ALTER their artistic vision of CHARACTERS who may or may not have nothing to do with the popular opinion of the country? jesus h. christ, jesse. this is fiction, this is a story, a movie. Whatever they're saying about MLK Jr., (i have no idea, really) i will stand by the creators' right to leave their art in the form they intended. They could say the meanest, most disgraceful, horrible, degenerate comments about this great man in history, and ya know whut? i would not stand in their way. In fact, i would fight for their right to do it. I think, for example, that ice-t should have never caved and taken "cop killer" off of that first Body Count album. and you know whut, in the end, the consumer decides what they find insulting, offensive, and or destructive. and the consumer votes with their wallet. and the benjamins have been heard.

jesse is just doing what he loves to do, and that is getting his name in the newspapers, on the television, and on the radio and internet. this is the same guy that said he'd take a sabattical from the public eye after all the fallout from his little side dish and their illegitimate child, and if i remember correctly, about a week or two later, he was back, babbling and protesting something. damn this guy annoys me. and doesn't he know that he's just increasing interest in the movie by calling all this attention to it? who knows, maybe the studio hired him for promotion, i just would not doubt it at this point. now i've really got to see this movie, just because jesse is telling me not to. but i'm the guy that thinks ice cube has softened up, so maybe i'm extreme, but i just can't think of anything they could say that would really offend me. I mean this guy wrote "fuck the police," "black korea" (in which he tells off overly suspicious asian store merchants), "horny lil devil", (in which he metaphorically chops a white guy's dick off for trying to hook up a black woman), and the list goes on and on. doesn't change his skill as an artist at presenting alternate views laced with phat beats. and that's what art is all about. alternate views presented in an appealing fashion for the attention of the masses.

ok end of rant. opinions anyone? if the shout outs still aren't working, feel free to e-mail me.


update: ok I actually (gasp) went to do some research and found this story. the producers of the movie actually apologized, and jesse still wants them to change the movie. the character that made the jokes in the movie (which are about MLK jr's alleged promiscuity and about Rosa Parks naacp connections) is immediately chastised and told to basically stuff it in the movie, and jesse still ain't happy. whut the fuk? you can't have an ignorant character in a movie? well jesse, let's take it a step further, shit, archie bunker, that guy was offensive, let's go back and change all of his racial slurs in All in the Family to nice, family friendly comments on the wonderful state of the world. does this IDIOT want every character in every movie to just fukn hold hands and sing small world after all for the rest of history? art imitates life, and i'm sorry, but in life, inappropriate things are said, done, and perpetrated every frikken day. I mean, i usually say at least four or five inappropriate things before i eat breakfast in the morning. doesn't make me a bad person. it makes me human. and that's what characters in our art should be, represenations of humans, not mindless automatons that always say and do the right thing in the public eye, and then after dark sneak across town and play hide the salami with your secretary. just because something is number one in the country, doesn't mean we have to scrub it down and get rid of the warts. we should celebrate the warts, because it means that maybe something with a little reality, a little soul, a little art, has squeaked through and hit the radar of the common mind.

ok? ok. i really have work to do. bye.