Tuesday, September 03, 2002

when i was in high school, there was a scandal of the highest order, something that everyone from the administration to the cheerleaders was very concerned about. a group of vicious hooligans was vandalizing the campus restrooms on a daily basis with catsup. it went on for about a month and then suddenly stopped. but for that month, it was all anyone could talk about. every day, a different mens bathroom was hit, and the damage was pretty good, you'd walk in and there would be catsup everywhere, splattered all over the place. the jocks, the nerds, the teachers, everyone, was hunting down these vandals. the principal made speeches, the teachers made announcements, muscle-headed football players made lunchtime declarations of war against the catsup bandits. but they were never caught, and they kept doing it, when the heat was at its worst.

anytime i heard about it i just nodded my head and said, yeah, fuck those guys. the problem was, i knew who was doing it, and i wasn't talking.

the perpetrators were a grizzly crew known as rick & the gang, and me and two of my buddies were the only ones on campus, besides the infamous gang, that were in on the joke.

more on that note later, seeing as i've got buckets of work.