Thursday, September 26, 2002

yodelay. well i mentioned it yesterday, but i wanted to mention it again and give some mad props and thanks, to the hosemonster. the post he wrote about my little blog was probably the nicest thing anyone's written about me, it's hanging on the frigerator next to the snapshot of my old hamster gershwin. i've been pouring out liquor for her since the 2nd grade, and now i've gotta pour some for my non-dead homey, just to, ya know, rep the living, which i think is important.

for those that don't know, let me break it down. the hm & i (and i'm just guessing and surmising, well, actually i called madame cleo) found the busblog at about the same time, through the same eric neel column on espn page 2. we both were tripping out and like "shit this is the chronic boobonic" or something like that, well i was. anyway, so the hm is a pretty smart dude, so he's like, "dang i could do that shit" and hooks up with blogger, and just starts bloggin up like a madman. ok so, anyway, tony is making a list of 100 blogs that will link him or else he quits blogging. i'm like fuk that, i'll just open a blog and link him to help out the cause. so then i fave this forum. and i start typing shit in it.

so anyway tony had a list, and then i was on it, and i was like yipee i'm linked somewhere, and i was number 58 or something and hoseman was 53, so i'm clicking through the other blogs around me, blah, politics, some lady whining about her abdominator isn't doing jack shit, a hardcore milwaukee brewers fan, and then there it was. the hoseman. he was like a vision reborn of an anthologists slightly disturbing after midnight dream of ultimate clarity yet burgeoning machismo, combined with mad fraternizing with integral anomalies. it was the hoseman.

ok so anyway, (dammit i'm rambling) i start reading him, i basically just read him and tony for a while after that, and then i see him going through the same growth spurts as me and i think, this guy has no idea i exist, but i'm going through the same shit! so i e-mail him and he e-mails back saying damn that's cool, you're the first person that doesn't know me to bump into this blog and read me and it was like, richie cunninghams' older brother chuck giving advice on a basketaball court, but i was ralph and he was potsie, and chachi was underneath the car dreaming about joanie. seriously.

so read the hoseman cuz from his founding statement to his trip to ed debevic's to his obsession with toiletry he is the ultimate renaissance man.