Wednesday, October 09, 2002

ah. zee lunch break was like a tall glass of fresca. 30 minute power nap, spicy cajun potater chips, 2 hot dogs, and just a smidgen of TRL and I am a man REBORN. By the way, if I was Michael Jackson, I'd fukn sue Justin Timberlake, and don't think Mike is too nice to do it, this is the same guy that backstabbed his buddy Paul McCartney even after that crappy say, say, say song and bought out all the beatles catalog.

Mike, you wily dog. Sue that little Timberlake fuck. Sure you don't have a case, I mean I guess you can't copyright high pitched squeals and the moonwalk, but think of the publicity, you need it, man. Invincible was not the big seller you had hoped. Nothing breeds interest like high profile conflict. That and freakish overboard plastic surgery, but you've got that one down.

ok i got work to do. Isn't that surfing dog great on the post below? If the whole rest of the day sucks ass, if your landlord is stalking you for the rent, if your boss chewed you out and called you a worthless pile of inhuman rectal waste, if your orange juice is intensely sour, if your motorcyle won't start and is spitting out dark brown fluid all over your garage, if your hook shot has gone all to shit, just think about that surfing dog, and everything should turn out OK. promise.