Wednesday, October 02, 2002

aloha bloggerland and associated villages and hamlets.

as you may know, i am a very mysterious person, in that you have no idea of my real identity. i could be a midget in ecuador riding a llama and really, you wouldn't be able to dispute that in a court of law. i mean i talk about hawaii, but really, what proof do you have? i could just be reading my johnny jehosophat guide to eloquent bullshitting and metamorphosizing some marshmallow flavored cueballs up in here.

if you want to laugh hard and read about one of the main mans of the blogosphere, read this. it's dawn olsen interviewing jim treacher. now i mention jim here every once in a while but if you think i'm a mystery, i mean, this guy is an enigma wrapped in a riddle and peppered with alfalfa sauce. i mean, there is no verifiable recognizance in his vector whatsoever. anyway, i'm babbling, read the interview, it's from back in may, i believe, before dawn officially became his stalker. some of the comments jim makes, it like he must have had a staff of professional writers and triumph the insult dog feeding him material. either that or he's a maniacal genius. or both. whatever.

ok i really have nothing to say beyond that. but seriously read the interview, it's funny. seriously. no, for real.

dang it's one of those days where everything i write sounds like shite tripe. now is the time on sprockets when we dance.