Friday, October 11, 2002

as i am the ultimate yin and yang i have very cool news and news that fukn pisses me off.

the very cool news is that meesh interviewed the hosemonster and you can check it out here. anyone who reads this blog more than just checking on certain high profile links i may have and making spot judgments will know that these are two of my favorite bloggers in the land and them coming together is like superman and wonder woman and a bed of roses with bowls of ambrosia overflowing left and right. or something like that.

ok the news that pisses me the fuk off. some fukn pile of fukn shit in the blogosphere is talking shit and calling me a hit-whore and saying i need to get a life. if you're really interested and can't wait for my official response then go explore through my recent referral logs (hint: yaccs). i've never heard or read or fukn knew this fuck existed but i'm gonna do a little research and roast the living fuck out of him later on.

but meantime as i DO have a fukn life you pile of shit, i've got work to do. fukn piece of goddamm fukn shit you don't know who you're fukin with you goddamm pile of shit. i am not some little fanboy and i have my dark side that has not come out in the blogosphere yet but you unleashed it mister high and mighty assfuck, whoever the fuck you are.

ok i've got work to do.