Monday, October 21, 2002

nice weekend. Chilled out and watched some good football games and saw some good movies and played some b-ball and enjoyed sun & fun. The mighty golden bear D was strong in a big win over UCLA. The raiders fukn pussed out and let the clock run out in regulation with a chance to go for the win, and then lost the coin-toss and never even touched the ball in OT, thereby losing to San Diego. Fukn Phil Simms can sit there and bitch and moan about every little decision made by either coach the whole game but he didn't say anything about that. That was the fukn game to me, but I'm no football coach, I'm a corporate scrub, so I probably don't know shit.

Saw the Ring and Secretary this weekend. Meesh was right, Secretary is a damn good flick, worth checking out fer shure. Plenty of ass-spanking and sadomasochist hijinx plus James Spader playing just about the shadiest dude in the history of small office suburbia. The Ring is nice and freaky, but freaky in a different way than the secretary, as in scary, not as in zee erotic freakozoidical stylistics. Good frightening imagery action that will give your heart a bump. One man's opinion. One man's way. One man's road, highway, thoroughfare, offramp, turnpike, and stretch of blacktop for the ol' noggin to go scootin' down.

Well seeing as it's Monday and like I don't get paid to talk football and movies with all y'all, I best be getting back to my real life job of cataloging porcupine quills. Peace.