Friday, October 18, 2002

oh snap, me and mrs. p had the PHATTEST meal last night. the BEST ribs i have EVER had in my LIFE. why am i being mr. LAME and randomly capitalizing words for emphasis? why ask why, drink bud dry. i was at a restaurant for lunch with the office crew the other day and somebody ordered an iced tea and the waitress misunderstood and was like "oh, a bud ice?" does bud ice even fukn exist anymore? and if so, who is drinking it? if you drink bud ice, PLEASE e-mail me and explain yourself.

so anyway, holy smokes, if you are ever in Kailua, HI you must run and not walk to kevin's rib crib, i mean those baby backs fall of the bone and dagnabbity shlingiding they are the bombastic boomshastic. the louisiana gumbo is superdupercrip as well.

ok seeing as probably nobody reading this lives in HI i should move on. back to bud ice. now, really, not to go too deep into it, but what the frik? and remember bud dry, and didn't they even have a bud dry ice? and for that matter, people that drink budweiser, regular old bud, i'm curious as well about that. i mean it's ok, but i'm an import man myself. moosehead, corona, st. pauli girl, steinlager, those are usually what i pick up. sam adams is the only domestic that i really dig. what's the mentality of kicking back 10 budweisers? i'm not dissing, i'm just wondering. fill me in, let me know.

so my bob's big boy bobble head is pretty chilled today. no major psychotic episodes like yesterday. and as to whoever in the comments section called bob "gay" let me tell you as far as I know bob is a straight up hetero, i mean, didn't he have a girlfriend, dolly, or dottie, in those comic books? remember those comic books that they gave the kids when you went to bob's big boy? were those not the shit? they were the frank castle of punishing journalism as far as I was and still am concerned.

anyhoo. i read a review of knockaround guys, that new vin diesel flick, that said it just absolutely sucks ass. for some reason i am still curious to see it. does anyone have any pertinent info on this that they could supply me with? i am at a crossroads and need guidance. i don't know why but sons of various mob figures going around beating the crap out of people and no plot whatsover sounds like a good use of my moolah.

i went looking for an angels hat for someone i know who's a big angel fan outta corona, CA, and i could not find one frikken piece of anaheim angles paraphanelia in all of the mall. no one, repeat NO ONE, not even the 350 pound guy with his whole body painted red swinging his rally monkey in the bleachers at Edison Field all season, expected them to be in the world series. even though i'm all dodger blue, being a so cal boy i think it's kind of cool. i mean, the angels have NEVER done shit. ne-ver. and here they are. i'm not getting on the bandwagon, here, but let's just say i'm standing on my skateboard holding onto the bumper, maybe i'll go for a ride. i mean, i hate the fukn giants anyway, so whut the hell.

ok, dammit, go halos. you can watch me flip like a flapjack again at the end of the nba season when the clippers lose in the first round of the playoffs and suddenly i'll have my laker warm-up suit on and be talking about how Shaq is the modern day combination of Walt Whitman and Jim Thorpe.

ok i've run out of random crap to say for now. oh yeah, cal vs. ucla tomorrow. GO BEARS.