Friday, October 11, 2002

Ok. I'm gonna do this and be done with it and move on. I've kinda lost the momentum on my rage from this morning, but a promise is a promise and so I'm gonna tell you all the dillio and then pau, no more.

Some politico blogger, bill dennis, wrote some player-hatin entry about how he can't understand why dawn olsen was number whatever on blogdex. Basically he was pissing and moaning about why she is so popular. (even though he has her on his blogroll?) This guy couldn't understand Dawn's popularity, so he wanted to bitch about it. Maybe mommy didn't make his favorite flapjacks for breakfast or something.

So fine, piss and moan. So then in the comments section, this guy Ricky West explains his theory that it's all because of my little entry wherein I linked dawn like 10 times in one post. According to him I was "whoring to get a link" and I really "need to get a life." He then goes on to talk some more shit about Dawn, something about storylines on Monday nite Raw are more interesting than her writing.

OK fine, I'm a whore. But ya know whut? I wrote that post because that was what was on my mind at the moment. That's what I do here. I thought it would be funny and have the added bonus of getting the attention of one of my favorite bloggers. Did it? Yeah it did. Will I do something like that again? Probably not. I specifically did it for Dawn because based on her humor and her personality, I thought she'd get a kick out of it. I have NEVER before or since posted anything strictly to get someone's attention, or "whored" for links as this guy puts it.

Anyway, I tried, I really tried to read mr. Ricky West's site and dig up some dirt to say about him, but I was asleep after like the second paragraph. He's some politics guy and I didn't even get as far as figuring out what side of the fence he's on. I can see why he's bitter at people that are actually interesting. By the time I woke up I was kind of mellowing out over the whole thing, so whatever. I'll be sitting on the beach with a mai-tai while homey watches c-span reruns all weekend, so his punishment is complete as far as I'm concerned.

It all really comes down to two boring ass "topical" bloggers that are jealous of Dawn and I got caught in the middle of it. Whatever.

That's it, I'm over it.


BTW - this post was SERIOUSLY toned down from it's original form, which included the following words: bitch, gimp, men's room, fuckhead, Chuck Woolery, and Napoleon.