Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Saw jackass last night.

If you can handle it, you must go see this movie. It is quite possibly the most entertaining yet at the same time most disgusting piece of cinema ever. It's an experience. It will sit with you for a while, and maybe not in such a good way. I was expecting hardcore, but I've gotta admit, they went above and beyond my expectations. These guys do some nasty NASTY shit and generally FUCK themselves up all in the name of entertainment. Good stuff. I don't want to ruin it for you but seriously, if you can handle SERIOUS fukn debauchery, check this shit out! If not, stay away. Nuff said. Who knows, maybe I'm getting old and it wasn't that extreme, but, no, it was fukn out there.

So, what else. I forgot to tell all of you about our drive up to Yokahama Beach up by Kaena Point this weekend. Kaena point is the furthest west point of Oahu and the only corner of the island that there isn't a passable paved road through. We drove up the leeward (west) coast of the island, passing by Waianaie, Makaha, Nanakuli, all the spots where the Hawaiians chill. This is a really beautiful side of the island that is not hit up by the tourists too much. The geography kind of isolates the area and the economy is kind of fucked. A lot of the area looks pretty run down, the structures I mean, but holy shit, the views. The mountains, the ocean, broke da mouf cuz. Usually it's really really dry ovah theah and the mountains are all brown, but we just had a solid extended series of rainstorms last week, so everything was green and the colors were slammin. Damn it was nice.

We drove all the way to the end of the paved road to Yokohama's, and chilled out on the beach. Views of jutting crags and body-boarders crashing waves. We'd brought the boogie board so I paddled out for a little session but the waves died down. 20 minutes later and still no action. I was so ready to bust a move and do a k-10 flip out, but madre nature was not cooperating. We lounged out for about 2-3 hours, soaking up rays and flipping magazines. I forgot the flask of courvoisier but it was all good. There was maybe 5 groups of people on a stretch of beach the size of a football field. Aahh, hawaii you are mein freund.

A very satisfying afternoon of chilling and sun and kicking back topped off by a phat sunset and a blue vanilla/strawberry slurpee from 7-11. Damn we have to get over to that side more often, especially after big rains - mental note, file this in your rolodex homeslice.

So that's how I still had a supercrip weekend despite both my Cal Bears and Oaktown Raiders losing like little bitches this weekend.

The end.