Wednesday, October 09, 2002

so anyway there we were, walking the dog and playing spider-sense charades. It was a dark and stormy night and beers had been drunk.

Ya know? Fuk it. That isn't even true, and I'm not in the mood. I'm tired. I'm just a wee bit hung over. How fukn old am I? I can't even tank a few brewskies and go to bed at a decent hour and even try my cold shower trick in the morning without STILL feeling like a bucket of steer innards for the first half of the day. 10:43 AM. Almost a sensible hour to head out for my lunch break, voy a la casa which is thankfully very close, and crash out like a baby for a little while.

Wa da wadda wadda bing bang bong. I've decided that I can just write whatever the hell I want, it's my blog after all. Should I talk about how g-dog kicked my ass at basketball yesterday? No, cuz that did NOT happen. Damn I suck sometimes.

Should I talk about how I caught up on about two weeks worth of my Jeopardy desk calendar this morning? Yeah, I should probably do about 85 paragraphs on that, huh? Real interesting.

Should I tell you how I've been reading the wKenShow lately, and how it just might be one of my new favorite sites that I never read before, but thousands if not millions of others that aren't uninformed like me have probably been digging it for quite some time? Does a question mark go at the end of that sentence? Was that even a fukn sentence? Does it matter?

Does anyone know what the hell is going on with blogger/blogspot or whoever is responsible for my archives not coming up since 9/14? I've checked a few other sites and it seems to be a little blogosphere phenomenon. I tried what blogger tells you in their help department but it didn't do jack shit, and I'm sure there's people out there crying right now cuz they can't read whatever bullshit I posted last week. Could someone that actually knows something or anything about computers besides how to type on the keyboard and watch magic words show up on the screen please look into this for me and the community at large? There's a fred flinstone vitamin in it for you.

Yeah now that's real fukn interesting for the reader at large. good job, Alfred, you frikken moron. Why don't you blog about your grocery list while you're at it. Putz.

Yes indeed. Weighty matters going on here at ultrablognetic today. Weighty, weighty, weighty and very fukn important and fascinating stuff that if you had somehow missed and not read you probably would have spontaneously combusted from the anticipation and ignorance.

Ya know? I feel better now. i think blogging is good for the body and the soul. and it'll kick that dandruff right the fuck off of your scalp there bucko. I used to be a pimple faced greasy haired loser, but ever since I started this blog, it's like I'm Thor Heyerdahl and my computer is the kon-tiki and the internet is like, the ocean. damn that's deep.