Thursday, October 10, 2002

wazzapp. birds of prey was badass last night! i have to say as a comic book geek who is usually heartily disappointed by this kind of stuff i was impressed. loved the whole batman/batgirl/joker flashback deal, the whole huntress story, even the little girl lost in "new gotham" that they've turned the black canary character into. now i never have read the birds of prey comic, so maybe they're off base, i don't care, i'm a big batman mythos fan and to me, it was on point. and how's the first line: "my name is alfred pennyworth," i got chills ya know whut i mean?? hell yeah, it was good good stuff.

ok enuff of that, check the show out i'm telling you i dug it. new business. i'm ALMOST done with a book that i was reading when i started this frikken blog, and that being the Malcolm X autobiography. damn, now that is a book. I finished the actual story itself, and i'm reading Alex Haley's epilogue now, which breaks down Malcolm from his perspective. Alex Haley was the guy that basically put together the book from Malcolm's dictations and editing, etcetera. Fukn Malcolm knew, he KNEW, he was gonna get killed, he KNEW he wasn't gonna see that book in print, and he was right. he didn't. he was killed by what may have been black muslim agents of Elijah Muhammed in February of 1965. Gunned down while giving a speech in NYC at a place called the Audobon ballroom.

a fucked up thing is that Malcolm X joined the Muslims when there were maybe 400 members nationwide. When he was booted out, there were something like a million (I'm making that number up off of memory, it was a SHITLOAD though) and Malcolm X was the primary responsiblity for that growth. and they FUCKED him. all out of pride and hate and jealousy and envy, etcetera. and they gunned him down and left his family penniless. Malcolm never had cash, he took a vow of poverty when he joined the nation, they put him up in his house and gave him only the necessary money. and then they tried to boot him out of his house later. and then some fucks firebombed it.

sometimes I wonder what Malcolm would have thought about the status of race relations in the good ol USA today. I mean, on the surface it seems he would have to be pleased at the stark contrast to what it was like in the 60's, but I don't know, there's still a shitload of work to do. and Malcolm had a good expression for the differences between the republicans and the democrats (which in MY view aren't so fukn different nowadays, but that's kind of beside the point), he said that he preferred the republican way of thinking that told him to his face, that he was a piece of shit and they hated him, cuz at least then he knew where he stood, compared to the democrats, the liberals, who smiled and made the black man think they were working for him but then just screwed him behind closed doors. Part of me thinks that Malcolm would see that both the parties do this nowadays, due to political correctness and the whole nine yards, and as much as there is so called equality and less racism, and etcetera, i mean look at the world, there are still a lot of majorly fucked up ghettoes with crime rates higher than probably back in Malcolm X's days as a street hustler. Crack was pumped into these ghettoes in the 80's and it's still wreaking havoc. and whether you like it or not, people are still fukn racists (not as many, I hope at least) but they just don't express their views in mixed company anymore.

I don't know I'm just babbling. I dig these big philosophical and deep holes for myself, and here I am surrounded by a big pit of dirt and twigs and soil and I don't know how to dig my way out. what do you think dear blog readers, am I even making a point? probably not. I guess overall i'm just saying that it sucks that almost 40 years later so much has changed but really, if you claw your way through the bullshit and the smiles and the we are the world mentality that is good, but deceiving, that really, it's all pretty fukn similar to what it was back in the day. A very small number of rich white men still control a VERY high fuckn percentage of the wealth in this country, and many many of the minorities still are backed up into ghettoes that the system gives them very few means out of. and don't even get me started on the fukn prison system and the racial inequalites therein and the fact that a fukn inmate or convicted felon can't vote in a number of the states in this country. it is FUCKED still. in many ways they are still systematically disenfranchising a large portion of the population, and while it isn't stricly along racial lines, don't fool yourself into thinking that doesn't have anything to do with it.

but keep smiling, all is well. just work through your day, go home and turn on your idiot box, and let the cool calming ultraviolet rays relax your militant mind. let charles in charge help you chuckle away your worries and go through it all again tomorrow.

what now you're ragging on tv as a sedative for the political and revolutionary mind of this nation? but SHIT you fukn hypocrite Keith, you started this blog entry saying how fukn cool a tv show was you watched last night. what the FUCK? well yeah world, maybe i am a hypocrite. maybe i think one thing and do the other sometimes, maybe i just like to get through my day with as little drama as possible and enjoy the cool breezes and island style just like everyone else. doesn't mean I can't spit out what's in the deep caverns of my cranium does it? oh it does mean that? well kiss my ass and deal with it.