Friday, October 25, 2002

well happy aloha friday everyone. it's a fairly mellow day here at the skunkworks, just catching up on thangs, thought i'd shout at you for a minute.

coming from the maybe there is some fuckin justice in the world after all department, 2 very different things:

1) looks like they finally caught the snipers - must feel GREAT for those in the affected are that they can go outside and chase the ice cream man and run in their sprinklers again! can we take a few days before all the movies of the week get started in production? let's all give a little mental thanks to the law-enforcement personnel, the guys that called in the car at the rest stop, and whatever higher power you may prefer, that this thing was stopped before any more people were killed. Thanks and prayers are also due to the victims and their families, whose sacrifices may have provided the evidence which finally nailed these shitbags.

2) ah-HA! the shoe is on the other foot, eh? jesse jackson is now being asked for an apology. from the national association of cosmetologists, who say his DUMBASS remarks regarding the movie, Barbershop, namely that the creators should edit out certain parts, has hurt their business. they furthermore make the excellent points that Jesse by attempting to dictate rules and boundaries within black film-making, has possibly potentially stifled the creativity of other black artists throughout the country who may be hesitant to fully express themselves due to the fear of some asshole like Jesse coming down on them. the ever-informative instapundit alerted me to this and you can find his take on it here as well as the full story here. some of you may remember that when jesse first made his comments about the movie (about a month ago) i posted a nice little tirade about it, which you can read here.

Jesse, please, just step away from the microphone. go home. put on some relaxing music, take some happy pills and RETIRE already. you irrelevant media-hound.

ok that's it for now.