Friday, October 18, 2002

well seeing as i am a trendy boy i decided to put my blog list into categories as seems to be the vogue chic jene se kwah of the moment. now everyone knows how hard they rule in comparison to the rulons, who were a pretty ruling race of aliens that did battle with captain kirk and that other pointy-eared guy. now remember, that all the blogs to the left rule at least as hard as the rulons, and that is pretty damn ruling, so don't feel bad. i mean, if you rule as hard or even almost as hard, as the rulons did, holy shit then, you are doing some pretty goddamm serious ruling.

well it's almost time to skeedaddle out of this popsicle stand. we're all out of fukn popsicles but due to bizarre corporate procedure handed down by some penguin i have to wait out my time, even though if a customer were to bust in here wanting some frozen flavored water i'd have to tell him, sorry bub, all out. damn. no fa real no beef, i mean i shouldn't complain. we would have plenty extra popsicles if i didn't always steal them and eat them in the break room and watch saved by the bell repeats. fukn screech, that guy KILLS me, i mean, damn i can't believe that guy didn't make it as a big time actor in like serious action movies. he coulda been as big as that guy that was in remo williams.

ah sheets. i do have stuff to do my pretties, and i know that you do to, cuz no one has come into my little blog for like 2 hours. i think i'm getting a little obsessive about my referral logs. it's like, whoa it's been 15 minutes, who's come in? and no one's come in, yet why am i writing more?

dear alfred, this is a letter to you, since no one reads this crap. you need to write more crap and then people will come. the crap that you are writing does not rule even half as hard as the goddamm rulons. get your shit together.


baggie pants jones.

editors note: upon further investigation, it seems that maybe there was no such thing as rulons in star trek, i think i was thinking romulans. the problem herein is that romulans does not rhyme with rule, which kind of fucks up my whole system here. i think there were some rulons in dino-riders though, and if i remember correctly, they were pretty tough, seeing as they had to battle dinosaurs and stuff. so, um, carry on.