Friday, October 04, 2002

Yo Fred.

Wuddup Josh.

Are we gonna tell em about new BLAM! Grape flavored ice tea with nutra-BANG or what my brudda?

Hells yeah! We wouldn't be keeping it even HALF real if we didn't!

Shit yeah fuckn shit YEAH!

I mean you KNOWS I get my BLAM! On every frikken day and 85 times on Fridays son! Din't you mothafukkin know that shit??

Oh hell goddam motherfrikken son of goatless mother hell fuck SHIT yeah I did, you little bitch of a ho!!!

Werd to the third straight UP you better. I mean, I would be seriously remiss in my duties as a ghetto bastard not to tell you that BLAM! Grape flavored ice tea is the bombizzled out franklin minted grandfather of all the shit that my fukn mental state can handle up in this bitch. Without it I would be one dead homey.

That is SO on the real my cantankerous deuschbag of a lexicon-sizzling bakesaling beyATCH!!!!

I mean, when I get my BLAM! On it's like I'm crawling through the Afghani desert, with a bazooka strapped to my left testicle, and some arab fucker comes up on me with a fukn pitchfork and ya know whut I'm saying, I'll be like BLAM! Suck on this you goddam piece of shit! That's a BLAM! Attack. And you know that long beach don't play when I'm trying to get my BLAM! On.

Hells no. preach on.

So anyway, like this fukn oil-suckin sicko pile of monkey-shit is gonna try to front on my platinum grill and my BLAM! Grape ice tea and I'll be like OH NO YOU DIDN"T.

That's what I'M saying.

Then say it playah!!!

Ok - hey yall - drink up on your BLAM! Or else we might have to bust a cap in yo ass.