Wednesday, October 30, 2002

yo yo yo and a half a roll o yehyo

you MUST read tony pierce's letter to the la times.

you are IMPELLED to read my guest-blog over at hosemonster.

you are decisively OBSESSED with reading Kate Sullivan's RockBlog.

you are undeniably TORTURED with longings to hang out at SeanBaby.

oh the bumpage. the savoi faire of chico & coolwadda. this is just west coast cruiZANG at it's absolute finest. Big G's and the spotlight, rocking cordless mics, real MC yes yes yall in the place to be.

durnoh, don't know what to write today. brain is like yo G where's the hibi-gribies? that's like on an east side connection in case you were wondering. WARNING: babbleaction ensueth the floodgates are open so KETCH RECK on the phone. Godzilla Like, that's the new term boyz & grrrrls, courtesy of C & C, but not the music factory dawg, it's Chico & Coolwadda, and their breakthrough ruffnecka "Wild'N the West"

dang with descriptions like these you're probaby wondering why I don't write for spin or rolling stone or readers digest well it all started when my grandma told me, the good goes south, the bad take the couch, and the papnappy napkin scratcher turns it all about." ever since then it's like realness or old school shit or....

wait what's this? appleboy, harvard homey, where art thou? hath thine enemies brought forth at the gate a mighty dragon with breath of garlic to thrash and gnarl and otherwise defile the g-style?

dang, on the reel chico & coolwadda got the flavah in yer ear.

now i must go east and seek wheat for the calf and the chaff.