Monday, November 04, 2002

Alfred Pennyworth: it is with solemn dignity that we bless this zone on a quadrofile.

Berkeley Joe: totally essential. I feel as the bay area golden bear processing index finger on the cali mindstate in this organization and I just want to say that, well, we've run out of chicken in a biscuit crackers. This ain't cool. I'm kinda serious on this one. I didn't want to make a big issue, but alfred, all I ask is keep those CIABC stocked and ready to roll, I don't want to get all postal and shit, but FUCK.

Kool Keith: chill yoke. Dang it's like everything anyone says is like fuck cal with your stupid ass! That's not keepin it rackneal! Werd to the therd its like ocean in a motion and endo potion on my exterior dawg. Check it. If it's ulterior of osteoperosis, I'm all up in it like a bag a doritos on the dig? But heezy and ma greezy, it's not pimpo-peeling skeditch? I knew it. Thanks ok. Onward.

Ae: is everybody's tea full hot and slammin to satisfaction? I must know. Please. Tell me. Information peeooopplleee.

kk: I'm good.

Bj: Gyeah.

Ae: gyeah, you need tea or gyeah you good?

Bj: straight up no panicking.

Ae: um but do you need more tea?

Bj: it's all phillie in the scrilly, alfred.

Ae: what does that mean?

Kk: he's aight, pennyfull o oats! Shit! Now siddown and check this fish in my tank. It's all cruising and hanging with those plants and shit, and then bampow a different style, I drop some food in there, and then he's all score! I get some food, and chomps that shit down.

Bj: dangetty dangetty. Oh flim flammety.

Ae: so anyway, the clippers won.

Kk: hellz bellsbottoms yeah they did. 1-2 so far. Gotta keep the vibe goin. Candy-man went for 20 boards. If they don't all just go for stats all season which they may do cuz the hate their cheap owner's ass for not signing them to phat contracts, but besides that the have the ultimate line-up in the league, so there's that, and..

Bj: dude shut the fuk up! You know people get bored when you sports out keith. Fooh.

kk: whatstheFRICK ever joe bob brinskly, take it to the yellowbrook farm with that shiznat.