Friday, November 15, 2002

Aloha bloggerville. Please don't think I'm purposefully neglecting you, it's just that it is a busy busy morning, which is good, because the busier I am at this here job the more mooloah comes flowing into my pocket. The sad thing about busy business is less time for my incoherent ramblings in this here space. I must say though as devoted as I am to my ahem, er, art, as I misguidedly tell myself that this is, I prefer cold hard cash to the happy feeling of creation, which although it fills me with joy the monetary rewards are yet to be forthcoming.

But be that as it may, I am not the kind of person solely driven by the almighty dollar, so I will forego the millions of dollars I could earn during this five minutes and give them over to you, my dear dear reader. Why? Because I am a craftsman, and this is my craft, and the craft fair is currently closed and I am as the Beastie Boys say, very crafty.

I have been slightly concerned as of late with the inherent lack of a certain quality in this space as of late. By certain quality I mean quality. As in it has kind of sucked. Am I being overly critical? I think I am. Am I looking for sympathy and or pats on the back? Possibly. Am I just typing and whatever comes out is the result? Most definitely. Actually, I should shut my ass/mouth, because I did receive a very nice pat on the back from c monks over at utter wonder this morning, which was very very appreciated and caused me to have a moment of satisfaction in this otherwise stinky business. Thanks dude for the kind words, they mean a lot, and if you don't get a speeding ticket on your way to work Monday morning you can thank my connection with your local constabularies for hooking your ass up.

Ultrablognetic, we don't just bullshit around here, no, we pay off exorbitant bribes to law enforcement all over the country. From the privacy of your own home you can enjoy my mafia connections and while Guido is bashing skulls you can savor a nice hot glass of Nestles chocolate. Actually you better put that in a mug, high temperatures and a brittle container might not be the best idea. I mean, maybe it would be OK if you have some of that industrial strength paul revere shit, but, just to play it safe, on the other hand, have a glass of cold milk, I don't want to get sued up in here.

Ok well my alotted 5 minutes seem to have expired. Time to scrounge up a picture and slap this thing on blogger and be about my business. What is that business you may ask? Well as Kool Moe Dee once said, "forget it, let's go the bank, I just wanna get PAID."