Friday, November 22, 2002

The Golden Bears of Berkeley, California have been denied the Axe for 7 years, but that all changes in Strawberry Canyon tomorrow. I'm feeling confident. The bears are gonna do it. They're gonna beat Stanford and lock down their first winning season since, well, a while. It's been a heck of a year considering last year's 1-10 season. Click here for a shitload of info on the game tomorrow as well as the bear's football season which comes to a close against the trees from the farm in a blaze of glory. Be there or be square. I'll be square. Bummer. Stuck on an island. Poor me.

Oh yeah and don't forget to check out the official Big Game webpage. You know you can't live without it. It's like crack and you're Pookie. It's like, ah ferget it, I'm not feeling metaphorical. (simile-al?) uh, no.

Anyhoo, the Big Game is not the only important Cal sporting event tomorrow. The Cal Basketball team opens their season at the Pit in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is one of the toughest places to play in the country. Click here for a plethora of scoopage on the B-Balling bears and the game.

Well, Mrs. P and I head for Cali on Tuesday for Turkey time and my Grandma's birthday in G-Town. Ah, G-Town, home of the body bag. I remember we had to watch our backs so much back in the day i got a permanent kink in my neck. Now that's a fukn war report, dawg. It was like, you could just be chillin, drinkin a 40 of gatorade grape and it was like, big wheel rolling, Mac-Ball and his criznew rolling deep, drive-by style any minute. And if bullets were flying, damn, that was a good day, usually we had to dodge hand grenades up in that bitch. Anyway, I should be checking in here and there while we're gone for the long Thanksgiving weekend, though, as I'll have internet access at my folks' place. But I gotta get past my dad's kennel of rabid pit-bulls to get to the computer, so we'll see if I'm brave enough.

Don't worry though, before that I'll be gracing you with my presence on Monday, so don't think you can punk out and skip class, goddammit. Let's just say that Pop quizzes are to be expected. Kinda takes the pop out of it, but well, deal with it, 'na mean? Looking forward to my first blog entries from the mainland. Maybe I'll do an in depth analysis of eating an in-n-out burger. Oh yes, in-n-out, you cannot escape my wrath and fond glances. Gotta go easy on the turkey this year, no fourth trips to the trough. And only 8 pieces of pumpkin pie. Gotta watch my delicate figure after all.

Ok you frikken hippies, I'm outta here.