Tuesday, November 05, 2002

well i did my civic duty and voted. please please let the democrats fall on this brainwashed island. 2 polls already the counting machines mysteriously "broke" after 10-15 ballots. yeah and then they just hand it over to your trusted poll workers. hmmm hmm hmmm? ok whutevahs but local people, if you haven't voted yet, go vote! and don't vote for these crooks again just because of your irrational fears of republicans, the island will not fall into the ocean people. we can make it, we need change!! aaarrrrggghhhh. the democrats have been been sucking this state dry like a mob of vampires for going on 25-30 years or something. a crew of gorillas could handle things and not rape and pillage at least every last dime into an education system that feeds on money like an alcoholic on jim beam and everclear and produces crapola, one of the only totally state run public school systems in the country, hmm, hmmm? doesn't that beuracratic maze of bloodsuckers need to be eradicated of evil juju.

ahem. well then, and molly told graham, it's all going to be an issue if you don't vote the m&m team. fukn clinton comes and says "vote for the m&m team, they'll turn things around," yeah go fuck yourself clinton you mastermind. goddamm clinton, i don't have anything against the guy, he did alright, got a lot of stuff done i guess, whutever, but he is just such a people person, he's on it, mr. suave. george bush is mr. ... - goddammit i'm getting off subject.

whutever. fuck the democrats. at least here in hawaii. and maybe in juneau alaska.

well then yessirreee. oh yeah. i wrote a grand summation of the ten greatest albums of all time entitled the soundtrack for the goldfish generation so check it out.

well that's all for now. thank you. goodnight. sayonara. buenos dias. dosvedanya. aloha. shalom. howdy pardner howz your sidesaddle??