Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Allright - i've got a little tidbit of time in between doing this that and the other thing to do a holla holla. Perusing the internet I'm coming to realize that dizam (my word for the day) there are a lot of truly great writers out there in bloggerville. Makes me feel all inconsequential and shit. Makes me feel like a little guppy in a lake full of piranhas and sharks with frikken laser beams attached to their foreheads.

See that's what I'm talking about. I mean, lines from Austin Powers? TY-PI-CAL. excuse me while I go watch "Who's the Boss."

Ok I'm gonna write something really non-typical. Something that makes it so worth the extra 5 seconds of your day to visit this site rather than go to CNN or some legitimate and officially funny webpage. Something that will make you say DIZAM that was something of the extra sauce and cheese caliber. THAT was something that was not available via the JC Penny catalog. That was something that Joey Catalano would have thought was cool, and he thought everything was lame.

Once again, the weak references. My So Called Life? Yeah guy? oh yes hmmm you are just the epitome of counter culture now aren't you. I mean shit that was on MTV. If you're gonna kick the supposedly bizarre references at least pick something that no one's ever heard of, keep it real like that guy that got kicked off Monday Night football. The funny guy that did the SNL news. The king of undecipherable references. Dennis Miller, that's it, thanks Joe. (no problem, Keith). He's (well he was) making the big bucks. ok face it he's still making quantum amounts more than our punk asses. fer real. (speak for yourself keith) (fuck you alfred)

I just can't escape my mundanity and self-loathing. Really though I think I'm aiighht. I'm good. I'm a good feller. I'm a happy smurfy smurf. I'm smurfin like a true playa. ok now maybe that was a little more old-school and counter-culture (uh, you already used that term punk ass, AND that term lamerville acres, AND that term, ok not acres, but you did use lamerville in the previous post - dumbass).

So anyway Hunter S. Thompson is in town, and i don't whether he's alternative enough for your asses, but he's a pretty big idol of mine, i think he's better than sliced bread and ham flavored gummy bears. He always heads out this way for the Honolulu marathon, so, um, yeah, I'm on the same island with him, so as you can see that means that we're close personal friends and definitely legitimizes this blog.

ok carry on.