Wednesday, December 18, 2002

ok I guess I have a couple free milliseconds here to blogalogalogue.

dizam it's nutty block gettin all yer shit in order on a professional and personal and theoretical scale prior to embarking on a vaycay of extra ordinary magnitude. Basically gotta finish up all my shit in the office today, make sure any potential fires are thoroughly doused with water, sand, or fire extinguisher crap, whatever analagy fits best, so I don't get chewed out for my lack of presence on my return to babylon.

Got to hang out with my good buddy Aquaman on Sunday, who is in town with his wifey hoaloha, another good friend and not-frequent-enough blogger of substantial eloquence and charm. Aquaman is my closest compatriot in the art of hating all things bronco & saluting and cheering on those of serious oaktown raiderness. So we were bumming after the loss to Miami, especially since Sgt. Joker and his crew of dolphin fans were acting the verbose loud obnoxious clowns up front by the big screen at the Shack sports pub in Enchanted Lakes. whatevers. Woulnd't let it ruin our fun, I mean who can complain about $2 bloody mary's and football playing on tv's everywhere? After the raider game was over, we switched areas and caught the end of the San Diego loss to Buffalo, which at least kept the Raiders in first place going into this coming weekend.

Which brings us to round 2 against the shitco's. FUCK DENVER. This one's at Oaktown bitches, and Bartley, I know you're reading this, your ponies are going down in flames, don't even bring that yang, cuz ain't noone buying.

all right that's it for now, i've got the aforementioned mad shit to do.