Monday, December 30, 2002

well here i am in Leon, Guanajuato, mi peeps. Just so happened Mrs. P and her sister and her kids and Yo were cruising around el centro and what do my ojos perceive but a little internet lugar so I can give shout outs to el mundo. just so you know, leon is by no mean the sticks. we're talking a city of over a million gente, about the same populacion as the whole state of hawaii up in this heezy fa sheezy. it´s not the capital but the biggest ciudad in the state of guanajuato. the capital is called, well what the hell do you know, guanajuato, and it is the shite. it is way off the heezy and totally fo sheezy with all of mai skeezies. we went out there for a day on the 26th, lots of turistas and locals and it´s this city perfecto for walking and cruising and hangin with the homeys. its sheeziness is definitely about five astromedallions harder than the ultimate heezie and that's including every neezy that every walked a bleezy.

pretty sad aint it that all this vacationing and experiencias and still all i do is talk yang. but you should know that by now my bleezies. it's the law of the jungle.

oh! while i was in LA my homey tone-dogger took a look at how i do this bloggin thang and he's gonna work on a new design for the banner up top, so maybe someday soon it won't be just your typical red and white standardio crappadido. we'll see. tone-dogger is usually pretty damn reliable and muy artistico and veddy veddy internet and html savvy and so it should be about 800 astro-medallions sheezier than this heezley.

so besides the guanajuato sidetrip, we´ve basically been chillin here in leon since dec 23, kickin like chicken and hangin' with mrs. p's fam. mucho deliciosa comida (food, foohs) and don't forget the chicharron, which is this super delish pork hot sauce concoction that i have yet to see anywhere stateside and which is probably my favorite local delicacy. oh and mas tortas y tacos y muchas otras cosas pero no recuerdo los nombres de todos. please excuse my spanglish i'm probably the only gringo within 20 miles and thus my mente es en espanol y ingles, un combinacion, verdad? si.

we're planning on catching a bus out to san miguel de allende a couple days after new years and kickin it for a couple days. san miguel is this little artists colony with apparently a pretty large foreign contingent, inluding muchos americanos and sounds like some hippie mexican version of carmel or some heeziness like that. sound super cool and i'm looking forward to seeing some sites.

well that's all for right this second mi personas internet. necesito checko my e-mail-io and check on the blogosphere right quick before my half hour is up and i'm booted out of this skleezy like an old geezy.

aloha from south of the border - have a safe and happy new year and remember to DRINK YOUR DAMN OVALTINE! - the ultrablogneticator.