Friday, June 21, 2002

Son of a motherless goat! I wrote this long tirade about the sad state of radio on the island of Oahu and fricken blogger lost it! Dang you should have read it, it was inspiring. I basically said the radio here sucks ass compared with larger markets like LA. And I complained that my office is in a valley where we only get two radio stations, one of which is listenable, and they play that friken nelly "its gettin hot in here" song like 20 times a day.

But I can't complain (or I guess I shouldn't). The big picture: I've got a beautiful amazing wife, I live in paradise, and I'm a golden bear. booyaaaa. plus its friday. cha-ching. Plus I scored a raise. Schwing!

All right I'm outs I can't think of any more stupid catch phrases. Shaboing? nah that doesn't really work.

peace out gotta clean the batcave.

Yo. Back from lunch. Chillin like Bob Dylan. Debating whether to see Minority Report or Lilo & Stich this weekend. I think I'll have to go with Minority Report. I haven't seen any of the recent Disney movies, like Lion King, Little Mermaid, or any of that stuff. I might have seen Beauty & the Beast but that's about it. Lilo & Stich looks cool in that supposedly Kauai is portrayed pretty accurately, what with the characters speaking pidgen and cruising the beaches, and all that good stuff. This blog is straight outta the islands so I gotta represent. 808 is in the hizzau. Can't wait for the Incredible Hulk movie filmed in Berkeley by the way. Go Bears!!! All right peace out.

Aloha! You are witnessing the birth of a blog. Like a little bird squirming its way out of an enmiotic sack, I am going to be pretty helpless and weak for a while. I mean c'mon, not even Birdman was able to hunt down food and fight crime right out of the womb, right?? so anyway, as I figure out this blogging thang, I'll stretch my wings more, maybe do a fly over the local worm hotspot, and hook up some grinds vittles and tasties.