Friday, January 17, 2003

How bout those muthafuckin cal bears? Aaww yeahh. If you didn’t notice, 3rd Leg is back in the heezy, and he mentioned staying up into the wee hours watching pac-10 basketball, but he didn’t mention the mighty golden ones. Could it be he’s avoiding the topic because he’s checking out the same crystal ball as me and foresees cal beating up on his dookies in the tourney in a replay of the classic j-kidd led defeat of the blue devils back in the early 90’s? is there any truth to that mr. Leg? I think you see it too. No yes you do.

Wellie wellie anyhoo. Always nice to start out a post on the manly topics of sports and etcetera and then throw in an “anyhoo” just to keep people talking. Talking bout shaft that is. What? I don’t know.

It’s early out here in h-town, cut me some damn slack. Fukn c-monks over at utter wonder had me shittin’ my drawers again with his analysis of that Garth Brooks Dr. Pepper commercial. You gotta read it.

And if I forget to mention it again – go RAIDERS. Sorry Ryan, but you and I both know that the hype surrounding the Jets was just that – a bunch of fuckin’ hype. Everybody was scrambling around trying to find the next version of the pats, well the jets ain’t them. They don’t exist this year. The road to the championship goes through oaktown, bitches, and the fukn pundits and talkin’ heads can tout fukn air mcnair and the titans like they always seem to want to playa hate on the og raiders but FUK THEM they’re going down like everyone else and gannon is gonna lift up that superbowl trophy and al davis will come out and literally I’m thinking defecate on the 50 yard line. See that’s what raidernation is all about, taking it up a notch. So FUCK all the haters – raider nation, al davis may have never paid us but the raiders are bringing it home for grandma so it’s all good.

Aaahh. That’s nice. One high quality blog entry in the bucket & my coffee is still piping hot. I love Fridays.