Friday, January 10, 2003

Some of you may have noticed, that is if you are not blind, nothing against blind people, it’s just that they can’t see the pretty pictures. Well, who’s to judge what’s pretty, I guess it’s a pretty (dammit) subjective experience. Well, anyway, those of you without seeing-eye-dog accompaniment, and more power to you, keep walking and reading Braille and listening to the radio but please don’t get behind the wheel. So, where was I? Oh yeah, you may have noticed my slight obsession with posting pictures of comic book covers. One thing you must know my fine feathered finks is that I am a comic book geek, formerly reformed junkie, but I have what they call slippage, in that I slip back into comic book ville, and back to the comic book store, and I keep it within reason and buy comics only occasionally, but I get a big kick out of seeing comic book covers, especially classics such as the first appearance of the big green guy, the incredible hulk, who if you may notice was actually the big gray guy in his first incarnation. This was corrected very quickly, but actually the gray look would come back every once in a while throughout the history of the character.

Yes, yes, fascinating.

Back from the bank. You didn’t even miss me did you? While I was driving around bumpin’ snoop, I was thinking about something I read over at the punk vault yesterday. MXV was mentioning his displeasure with someone that had jacked a graphic from his site without asking. Made me realize I jack pics left and right and never ask, but I try to give props where props are due. And I’d really like to credit Nick Simon and his amazing Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Index, which is a pretty damn stupendous library of some of the best comic book covers of all time and a damn fine site with lots of cool info and insights and just an overall credit to society and humanity. Thanks Nick for the phat Hulk pic today and hopefully you won’t mind if I pull pics from your site in the future.

Speaking of snagging pics, does that necessarily mean you’re jacking something? Or is it only if you actually download it and load it on your site, or something like that. Just as I’m a lover and not a fighter, I’m a writer and not a “web guy” which means I really don’t know jack shit about the internet and html and protocol for using whatevers and whatevers. I just experiment until shit looks right up here, and if it doesn’t look right, well, then that works too.

I’ve decided that since it’s a short week (at least for me) that the theme of the week should be therefore somewhat weak and is thus called no editing week. Whatever you see up here was straight from the horse’s mouth, the horse being me. Consider it quantity over quality, but hopefully the hops and barley are still in good shape and satisfying to your gullet despite their mass production.

Peace and tranquility.

Oh and ps: I really liked this piece by dan the goose on the prototypical blog entry (you'll have to scroll down one entry to read it). Good job dude. Ok now that is REALLY all I have to say.

For now.