Thursday, January 16, 2003

well here it is 3 in the afternoon already and i haven't even spit a single solitary verse. i should be drawn, quartered, nickeled, and dimed for keeping it that artificial. in light of my unplanned soliloquy on the state of affairs in h-town, will you forgive me for a babble attack? i thought not. thou art sweeter than a maui onion my audiencia. so what the hell is up? have you ever stared at a blank page and envisioned it filling up with knowledge and wisdom and then accidentally vomited on it. yeah, neither have i. Actually my brother told me about that. i would never have the ineptitude to fathom that idear.

this is getting dangerously unknowable. it's like there is no direction and i'm in serious danger of veering off the road of... of.... what's the word i'm looking for? even though i'm digging this album, i can see why iron maiden dumped their first lead singer and hooked up with Bruce Dickinson. massive more amounts of range and hollerage. the guy on this first album is kinda just yelling, but it has a rawness to it unseen since murphy first searched the bush for love. it's old skool and appreciative of a delicate ear and highly recommended and musically genetic, i mean genius.

I didn't even realize it until mrs. p pointed it out yesterday, but the cat in the post below looks almost just like my old missing cat oliver. whut's up oliver, wherever you be, heaven, hell, or any and all points in between. I highly doubt you're in hell, but you were something of a trouble maker and who am i to know the rules of the pearly gates, ie entrance requirements and all that good stuff, so anything in reference to that would be pure conjecture.

i would bank almost any amount that my old dog lindsey is in doggie heaven though. now that was a loyal mountain dog that kept it heezy on each and every feezy no matter what greasiness was involved. remember those books from when you were a kid that were like "the book all about me" and you filled in all your info, like your height, weight, favorite toys, and your best friend? well i put in that my best friend was a dog named lindsey. and it was true. whether this means i had an inordinately cool dog or was totally socially retarded i have yet to figure out, and if i ever do i have a feeling i'll block it from my conscious mind, just like a conveniently forget what happened to that drifter that i picked up on I-5 ten years ago in the middle of the night.

what was i saying? oh nothing. well, that looks like an appropriate amount of crap to write for today. i bid you adieu. oh and thanks to tone-dogger for the new banner up top. getting pretty swanky around here. gonna have to wear my lynrd skynrd t-shirt without the bbq sauce stains if this keeps up.