Friday, February 28, 2003

All is well in the world because the coffee in my Gloria Jean’s coffees Mele Kalikimaka travel mug is still hot. Not percolating, but the temperature factor is definitely engaged on the good side of the spectrum.

I just had a really good feeling, because something I thought I’d fucked up on by not verifying a schedule early enough yeterday was actually already delayed by another party, so thus I am oh so appropriately on time.

It really is all about time, isn’t it? I was thinking about this yesterday, while I was also thinking what an egotistical bastard I am for using the word “I” so much. The understanding that, really, time is the thing that really holds the cards. This guy, let’s call him Joe Johnson just for the sake of argument, because I used Baggy-Pants Jones in last week’s nuclear disarmament treatise. So anyhoo, saw this guy all pissed off, looking at his watch, like “fuck” and probably cursing the name the lord of the sith, the emperor, who is in some very indirect way his boss, but because he’s so associated with evil that you just need to say fuck him.

Fuck I have the crappiest old mouse, and I could get another one, but I don’t like the new rollerball mouses, well at least the one I had for a little while gave me like hand pain pretty quick, so I just deal with sliding the fucker around, even though it gets caught on something behind my desk sometimes and drags it.

Yes, fukn fascinating. Oh, you know what I heard? I can’t think of a goddamm thing. I’m scanning my mind for some kind of interesting tidbit of news for you, but ya know what I didn’t even watch the news last nite or even check the internet before writing this little thing to you this morning. Almost 9 AM Hawaii time, no matter what it says on that piece o shit. I tried to set my blogger for Hawaii time, and it has an option, but it just fully palsied my computer and blog and, let’s just say I don’t think blogger likes Hawaii time. Hawaii time is for people named Hawaii 5-0. Really GUY?? Fukn stupid.

I have a fleet of cars going right now, due to circumstances outstanding but unrevealable, am rolling like I’m zooted and booted. Gee’d up from the feet up. Bitch, my glass cost 800 dollaz. Add me up.

Snoop dizzle with the kay u are up tizzle fa shizzle with gizzle clintonizzlle. I had a bizzl with big bizzle this mizzle.

Ok I'm stopping right now. Sorry about that.