Thursday, February 27, 2003

Fokken Clippers lost like little hobags last night to the not quite so lowly Golden State Warriors. And of course I talked yang, so now I must eat crow to Joseph in a blog entry per our little bet.

But not right-this-minute-now. No. later-today-now. And, really, the proper place for that kind of diatribe is clipperville. For one day only it will be warriorville. For ONE day only, and I swear that on a babylonian jug of goats blood.

Farken arken more busy crap ass crap to do today. It almost makes me want to climb up a building and (ah HA you thought I was gonna say shoot people, didn’t you? Didn’t you dammit?) eat some donuts. Just relax and feel the wind as the blueberry seeds get stuck between my teeth.

Well I just don’t have much to say right now so I’m gonna end this charade with a g-style shout out to effrom and the gang over at 25th street. Hey yo, fredo, keep a yoo-hoo on ice for me homey! Eace-pay.