Tuesday, February 04, 2003

God blessed me with a good strong back which I rarely if never have any problems with, and what do I go and do? Lift up a fukn heavy as hell copy machine with my coworker and move it across a room and now my lower back is fukn achin like Farmer John’s bacon. Dumbass!

Go check out Kate Hall. Her site makes the rulons look like rupaul, who has a blog too, I think, but I don’t feel like finding it and/or linking it really. He/she never linked my ass, so fuck him/her. (it?) ok that’s not nice. Oh and yes I bumped into her today through tony pierce, but I mean, I’ve read her site before, just not as in depth as I did today, and well, she’s good stuff. Even though I wonder how she gets away with being so dang honest about her feelings and the whole nine yards what with how it doesn’t appear that her blog is anonymous. There’s like pictures of her & her boyfriend and the whole nine yards, so like, they must know about it, right? No? does her boyfriend get peeved out or manic depressive or not know how to act when she says she’s afraid he’s gonna dump her? Is this any of my business? Can I make it my business? Does she need a relationship advisor? Should I hook her up with Mr. Know it all and they can trade war stories? Could Jack the Ripper have secretly been the Loch Ness Monster? Have I used that joke before in this blog? The answers to all these questions are neither known nor forthcoming, so stay tuned.

Yessiree bobskee. Oh and Ryan wrote a pretty darned interesting dillio on the whole idea of what can you write, what you can’t, what why where and how & overall self-censoring issues. Good good stuff, a lot of which Sarah has touched on in the past, but Ryan gives it that special Ward zippededoodahday. And with a pinch of ass-clown dust.

Fuck look up there, I’ve already linked a bunch of brandons which means I gotta go to their sites, cut & paste the url’s. geezo peezo I hope you people understand the trials and tribulations I go through to bring ultimate quality levels to your door. I really really hope you do. Understand, that is.

Fuck my back hurts. Hello, mr. Back, please forgive me for being such a fukn dumbass and trying to lift really heavy crap with my 30-year old ass. I know I’m an old joe now, and the time is gone for dumbass crapola like being mr. Tough heavy-lifting greek freight liner judo Jackson. I know this, yet I ignore your tender please for mercy. The idiocy shall not resume if Long Beach has anything to do with it.