Wednesday, February 05, 2003

i've seen it linked elsewhere, but let y'all know you need to read ken layne's reaction to the space shuttle tragedy, the first description that's ever made me smile in the face of sadness - it's good good good kine stuff, bruddas & sistahs.

well i guess i'm here i can say whutsup.

whutsup. so um shyeah. whut's the dilli scrilli? on the fillie with grillie and silly frilly. ferrilly.
gyup gyup. so then this janitor walks up on some sleestaks and is like - yo heckel & jeckel it's a reckle of smectle and jethro bedthel.

you see i really just stopped by to post the layne thing. it's really good. if you just are going on reading this crap and didn't click the link you should go up there now. I mean well no wait, it's not going anywhere. stay, yes, read these exciting words of a backpack saddled thoroughbred winnah named Samson. and his handsome yards of wooly green.

seriously guys (oh and gals) there's really nothing happening around here today. werk werk work. and then some shlurk. a billy bup rollo and a steaming dish. a filleted potato peelah and a ride on trues and voes but an alabama g-dog aint the type to lose a stone.

and THAT is on glendale