Thursday, February 20, 2003

There's something you have to know about brandon. he was the PK that everyone didn't know and hardly saw. he had a dirty nasty iron man t-shirt and he would always say hibi hibi hibi and hibi jamb bolt and janers jooba and yeah guy? yeah guy? yeah-hah-hah heeby habooo.

and then there was zabinsky and his car that was higher in the front. and don't forget graham's liquor jackings. and drawing shit on that dude's face at mikey's party. shaa heebie that was a stack of corn flakes in a zibwang. ok zibwang i just made up but it does seem heartily reminiscent of those times.

probably every story about brandon pk is inadvisable for further review, but he was an integral part of that particular gang that applied all levels of rickness yet was such its own entity that it was quite possible ridiculous.