Thursday, February 20, 2003

whats up party people. well i've been kind of busy, ya know, conducting actual biznass this morning, and unable up to now to holla at you. It is at this time that I rectify said situation. however it is just about time to cart my ass out of here for some lunch action, and thus this shall be short and sacharriney. (Stupid, STUPID, such a stupid thing to say. dumbass!)

Anyway. Well it seems like the kinks and gremlins and fuck ups are past us now here at ultrablognetic enterprises. so until further notice I guess i'll stop posting stuff over at a dog named clipper. The declining hit counts reflect my theory that I think it was a little too much to ask for people to read two sites when I've only got about 3 readers willing to read one site. it's like, hey Joe, how about we give you TWO horseshit of the month magazines, but every day, and we hope you'll read every word, and they're like, um, OK, well MAYBE i would have read ONE horseshit magazine a day, but two? fuck off and die you donkey shit goat. Not that anyone has actually SAID that to me, per se, but well, the writing is on the metaphorical wall.

so that's kind of how I see it. but I don't know, maybe I'll say fuck it and post shit over there anyway. It's like my new little creation that I can't let die. I mean, i made it, so now I'm responsible for it, and I don't want it mixing in with the wrong crowd if I just ignore it and maybe getting hooked up with that whole rubbing alcohol scene. not good.

um, i don't know whut the fuck i'm talking about right now. I should be back later with something to say that isn't totally fucking retarded. thank you and good night (afternoon).