Friday, March 21, 2003

blog blog oh what to blog.

you know what? I just don't feel like it today.

have a nice weekend, though. and goooooooooo bears!!!

oh CRAP since i'm here in blogger i might as well write something, i GUESS. since i have a little time to kill and my fingers are warm, well, whut the fuck?

So apparently the first American casualties from the war have occurred. that sucks major ass. I guess there was a helicopter crash, killing 4 US soldiers and 8 brits i think, and 2 americans were shot dead by some Iraqi soldiers.


i hope it turns out that this was the right thing to do. I really really do.

and no I'm not turning peace activist on your asses. it just hits home when you hear about people dying, and i'm not gonna dodge the issue.

oh, shit what was that? (dodging issue)

fuck it, what does what I have to say about the subject matter any fucking way. go read instapundit or michael totten for the scoops. if you want to go left wing turn on cnn. well i guess maybe they're not left wing anymore. once war starts and the media starts salivating I think maybe they forget which side their bosses boss is on and realize that it's time to crank up the coverage and the flashy lights and expose every possible battle strategy that Sadaam and his buddies haven't figured out yet.

FUCK. whatever. i'm over it for right now. I started off this blog entry like happy but ambivalent and i got myself riled up. dagnabbit all blog you goatless goathole.

hollow words left and right. see this is a blog, it ain't the news, so if I report the news, i'm just rehashing crap you can read everywhere else. and if i say something hokey yet heartfelt like "keep safe over there, soldiers, we're proud of you," I just sound like a fukn saturday evening post refrigerator magnet. but it's true. we are at war, people, and our own men & women (well so far only men) are dying and the shit is real.

and i don't have anything to say that can make it better. I don't disagree with this war. I don't know if I wholeheartedly agree with it, I know there's a lot of other missions of peace we could be doing & I know damn well there MUST be (there always are) alterior motives for what we do. (and that is not necessarily wrong) and the fact that whatever I say, whatever wry little comment I make, ain't worth a hill of beans, is both frustrating and liberating, because I can say it and no one can take it away.

see now that just sounds like "go out there george and preserve my freedom of speech." bah. bah bah bah. bah is a word i see bandies about quite a bit on the ol innernet bloggerville as of late and I am officially co-opting it for my half-ass non comprehensible diatribe of dogshit. bah. bah. bah.

go bears.