Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Ok well it’s time to blog. So blog, you pile.

What do you want me to blog about?

Whatever, just write something.

Boston Whaler.


You heard me, Boston Whaler.

What the frick is that?

My Grandpa’s old boat, up at the mountain, it’s a Boston Whaler.

What the hell does that have to do with anything?

It was cool. He’d let me drive it, even though I was just a young punk. He let me get behind the wheel and pilot that thing all over Mammoth Lake. 10 years old driving a boat. I thought I was pretty damn cool I must say. I was driving boats before I was riding a motorcycle. I was riding a motorcycle before I was driving a car. All because of my kickass Grandpa.

That’s pretty cool I guess.

Yeah. Sucks that he died.

But he had a pretty full life. He definitely enjoyed himself.

That’s true. He knew how to enjoy himself, that’s for sure.

And he was funny as hell.

Yeah he was.

And he left everyone with lots of cool memories.

Damn Straight.

I miss him.

Me too. It's been a while since he passed, but he's in my thoughts pretty regularly.

Hey thanks for being here for me. I really appreciate it.

No problem, I'll always be here for ya, you can count on me.

who the heck are you anyway?

No idea. I thought you knew.

um, no, I just hear voices, I haven't figured out how to label them yet.

I guess I'm a friend. I think we'd know if we were enemies.

yeah. probably.

all right well i gotta go do my paper route.