Thursday, April 24, 2003

Checking plane tickets is fukn stressful. Prices are all over the place, they go up, they go down, it’s a no fun and no funny fun time. One person has this rate, one person has that rate, internet site x has bookoo good good, and then you no workie with person, which is cool, but then if no bueno, you call up computer and they’re like “sorry charlie, no mi problemo.”

But FARK it europa is calling and mrs. P & I must answer the call. Onward and upward they say. Who the hell says that? I don’t know, but it’s pretty damn inspirational, wouldn’t you say? (who, me?) no you. no you. ok me. No him. No her.

Yes well then. The lakers have to get their shit in gear if they don’t want to get the ass-handers award again tonite. Troy Hudson, I think, no, 37 points will not be happening again. 2 suggestions lakers. Listen and listen good. Kobe: if things are not going well, you taking every circus shot you can think of will probably not turn the tide back to the side of good. Oh and phil, just a LiTtLe less mark (fuk stanfurd) madsen and a little more shaq. Fuk it was like they were running point mad dog for a while that last game and I was like “oh no she didn’t” and that was just cuz some bitch was wearing the same dress as me, don’t even get me started on that mad dog thing.

Anyway, fuk the lakers. The clippers are rebuilding around, um, yeah that guy. Ok I’m on my annual lakers bandwagon. Sue me. Fukn sue me. See what you get. A bowl of goddam grits and a certificate from the chump of the month club, that’s what.

Now step. Over there. A little more over. Yeah right there. Now raise your hand. The other one pinochle! Now say after me: “I promise to….”

Ah ferget it.

Post, publish, outties.

But wait there’s more!

Oh no there isn’t. my bad.

I’m kinda thinking that I didn’t give you that good shit today.

But I don’t care.

Cuz I’m a fukn dick, aren’t I?