Tuesday, April 15, 2003

fukn archives are all fucked up and it's pissing me off.

i finally got with the 23rd century and got an aim id and it's berkeleyjoe if you give a flying fuck. not that I'll have time to talk to you, i'm much more of an asshole than i seem on this blog. i mean, jesus i am full of myself. like today, i beat up my fish wacko, just for looking at me sideways. and he's the sweetest kid, he means so well.

the only way I could be busier is if i was a fukn accountant today and even then it would be a close call.

busy is good, busy is good, busy is good.

fukn blogger sucks ass,.

i'm pretty damn stoked that meesh is back, now I can be happy for five minutes until she disappears into meatspace again (speaking of meatspace, whutthefuck ever happened to wken?) ah fargettit.

this was supposed to be just a little entry but i guess i'll do a big diatribe on the middle east right now since i'm here. with a big picture of sadaam hussein and burt reynolds.

or not.